Would you share your oxygen?

New Music

Heartless Bastards – The Mountain – This is a band I was introduced to via the Random 10 of esteemed colleague E-6 and I’ve liked almost everything I’ve heard from them.  This album is no exception, I acquired a bunch of the songs from various corners of the internet, and then noticed yesterday that the entire album was available from Amazon for $2.  Needless to say I pounced.  This one is a little bit more mellow than All This Time, but it might be even better (and I like that album a lot).

Random 10 Songs

The Czar – Mastodon – Crack the Skye
Guerilla Radio – Rage Against the Machine – Battle of Los Angeles
The Grudge – Tool – Lateralus
Country Feedback – R.E.M. – Out of Time
Finding Solutions – Heartless Bastards – All This Time
3’s and 7’s – Queens of the Stone Age – Era Vulgaris
Black Dog – Led Zeppelin – IV
All This Time – Heartless Bastards – All This Time
Suicidal Dream – Silverchair – Frogstomp
Maggie’s Farm – Rage Against the Machine – Renegades

I really like this list.  In fact, I went back and listened to it again once I finished.

Random 10 Story – This is something that started two weeks ago, but the idea is to come up with a story that incorporates the titles of the songs in your random 10.  (Make sure you check out FreeAlonzo’s story as well).

A ringing phone is answered.  Words are exchanged until the conversation ends.  With his hand still on the receiver, he summons a young boy from the corner of the room and instructs him to “fetch the big guy”.  Ten minutes later, The Czar of Oklahoma enters the room. His assistant addresses him deferentially but confidently and informs him that the outpost responsible for monitoring the guerilla radio network has noticed a significant increase in traffic over the last two days – the assistant adds what the czar already knows, this means another attack is coming.  As he relays this information, the leader’s face darkens, and the 20 years of the grudge betwixt the countries of Oklahoma and Texizona are evident in his eyes.  All those years since he collected some loose warheads and used them to leverage this territory free from Texizona, a country that didn’t want them anyway. Stored at the deceptively named St. Margaret’s Garden, the threat of those weapons were still all that ensured Oklahoma’s independence.

The leader begins to rant.  His informants all report the same thing – across the country, feedback indicates that the guerillas are the main concern of the Oklahoman public.  The best people in the government are working constantly, finding solutions, but nothing stems the tide of enemies from the south.  Small successes are evident, but they are picking up low level spies alone or in groups of 3’s and 7’s, not even putting a dent in the hundreds they know are within their borders.  “It’s time we got some answers” he fumes as he storms out.

He stalks across the barren yard, toward a low building guarded by a ferocious looking black dog.  The dog growls as he approaches, but is quickly quieted by a tall, scowling man who emerges to exchange a few words with the czar.  They proceed together, with the dog remaining outside, through the building to a cell, where a battered, starved, haunted-looking boy sits chained to a table.  An update on the interrogation is provided by a few words from the scowling man.  “In all this time we’ve had him here, he didn’t say anything – they never do, they just hold onto their stupid suicidal dream of wiping us all out by some act of God.  Then just about 20 minutes ago we got two words out of him before he clammed up again.  Maggie’s farm.”

The czar’s face drains of color.  He tries to contact the guards to warn them but no one answers his calls. “Oh no, they’re already insi

Leave your story below.


11 thoughts on “Would you share your oxygen?

  1. Cool, Mak. I’ve tried to turn people onto the Bastards for a few years now, it’s gratifying when somebody gets it. Country Feedback is probably my favorite REM song.

    1. “Start Choppin’” Dinosaur Jr. – Where You Been
    2. “You Keep Me Hangin’ On” The Supremes – More Hits
    3. “Pig” Sparklehorse – Good Morning Spider
    -4. “Man-Size” PJ Harvey – Rid Of Me
    5. “Kathleen” Townes Van Zandt – Legend
    6. “School’s Out” Alice Cooper – Dazed and Confused OST
    7. “Wild Wood” Paul Weller – Wild Wood
    8. “Heart Failure” Deerhoof – Apple O’
    9. “City of Dreams” Marah – If You Didn’t Laugh, You’d Cry
    10. “Now That I Know” Devendra Banhart – Cripple Crow
    bonus: “Hey Little Rich Boy” Sham 69 – Tell Us the Truth

    Esteemed? Yeah, like a vegetable.

    • When somebody gets it? I’m not sure I’d go so far as to say I get it – Deerhoof still eludes me.

  2. Here goes:

    “Radio Silence” – Thomas Dolby, “The Golden Age of Wireless”
    “Diary of a Man Who Vanished” – Steve Howe, “The Steve Howe Album”
    “The Rainbow Connection” – “The Muppet Movie original soundtrack”
    “Heavenly Sarum” – Roger Eno, “Music of Neglected English Composers”
    untitled bonus track* – Yes, “Tormato”
    “Health Music” – Ozric Tentacles, “Bits Between the Bits”
    “Angel Doll” – Joe Hisaishi, “Kids Return soundtrack”
    “Tin Man” – America, “History: America’s Greatest Hits”
    “Joanna” – Rick Wakeman, “Crimes of Passion soundtrack”
    “Spirit of Summer” – Deodato, “Prelude”

    *actually, the orchestra instrumentation to “Onward”

    Oh cr@p, a story incorporating the song titles?! That sounds like a whole lot of work. Very well done with yours, though.

    • … and with ‘untitled bonus track’ in there you’ve got a bit of a challenge.

      I’m sure there will be a few weeks where there is no story, but it’s fun to flex the creative muscles now and again.

  3. 1. Just Like a Woman — Bob Dylan
    2. Star of Bethlehem — Neil Young
    3. Anodyne — Uncle Tupelo
    4. Hot Burrito #1 — Flying Burrito Brothers
    5. Some Days are Better than others — U2
    6. Riot on Sunset Strip — The Hypstrz
    7. A Salty Salute — Guided By Voices
    8. The Man Who Sailed Around His Soul — XTC
    9. Lucky — Radiohead
    10. Waves Become Wings — This Mortal Coil

    Bonus: Poor Boy Blues — Ramblin’ Thomas

    I’m going to have a little problem incorporating the main who sailed around his soul into a narrative but I’ll give it a try, (not now though).

  4. Kaiser Chiefs – “Everything Is Average Nowadays” Yours Truly, Angry Mob
    Finger Eleven – “Slow Chemical” The Punisher Soundtrack
    Wilco – “The Thanks I Get” Sky Blue Sky EP
    The Nadas – “My Collection” New Start
    Dick Prall – “Boulevard” Weightless
    John Mellencamp – “Authority Song” The Best That I Could Do
    L’il Wayne – “Shoot Me Down” Tha Carter III
    Patton Oswalt – “Alternate Earth” Werewolves and Lollipops
    Duquan – “Summer Past” The Wire Soundtrack
    The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus – “Grim Goodbye” Don’t You Fake It

    • If someone wrote a story with your song titles I think it would be ‘Harrison Bergeron’. But only if that someone was Kurt Vonnegut.

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