Series Preview in Blog: New York Yankees

I lost this post once, so all I’ve got is a list of links.

It turns out the Yankees spend way more money than anyone else. Does that mean Yankees fans should feel guilty about it?  I know one thing, all that money can’t buy Brett Gardner a sense of humor.  C’mon buddy, lighten up!  Increased payroll also increases expectations, evidenced by this image from

Due to the Yankees’ fairly average record so far, the new Yankee Stadium may be making more headlines than the team itself.  And they are not the good kinds of headlines.  They’ve made some poor decisions with the stadium but they seem to be trying to respond to some of the harsher criticisms.

This is pretty cool – photo gallery of the old stadium being torn down.

Other things that interest me (I’ve got to get to work, so these are quick) –

Left-handed catchers

Teams gaming the disabled list rules?

Terrible defense – Scouts say A-Rod is a statue, but that’s OK because, “A bad defense is good for business, because fewer outs made = more plate appearances for the other team = more concessions sold = PROFIT!


Liriano v. P. Hughes

Blackburn v. J. Chamberlain

Slowey v. A. Burnett

Perkins v. A. Pettitte

I think that every time I’ve written Pettitte’s last name I’ve used at least one too few letter t’s.

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