Get ’em Over, Get ’em In

27 games represents the first 1/6th of the season.  With that passing last week, here’s an update on a few stats I have been kinda/sorta keeping track of this season. (All of these numbers are through last Tuesday, game 27).

First up is where the Twins are scoring their runs.  The number of times the runner started the run-scoring play in each situation divided by the number of opportunities in those situations gives the following numbers:

Runners on 1st Runners on 2nd Runners on 3rd
0 out 0% (0 for 83) 17% (9 of 52) 54% (20 of 37)
1 out 3% (3 for 114) 13% (10 of 77) 41% (18 of 44)
2 out 4% (5 for 122) 18% (16 of 89) 27% (14 of 52)

So, the Twins don’t drive in hardly anyone from first base. Why more score from first with two outs? Maybe more agressive baserunning (running on contact), maybe less of a focus on getting the runner into scoring position (vide infra). They are pretty good at getting baserunners in from third with less than 2 out (38 for 81, 47%). Scoring runners from second doesn’t really depend on the number of outs. Which makes sense, because it’s going to take a hit to score them regardless of situation.

Now to focus on getting the runner over. This table is “bases advanced” per plate appearance.

Runners on 1st Runners on 2nd
0 out 0.59 (49 in 83) 0.73 (38 in 52)
1 out 0.41 (47 in 114) 051 (39 in 77)
2 out 0.45 (55 in 122) 0.44 (39 in 89)

The good news here is the twins are advancing the runner on second with less than two out.  In 19 of the 129 opportunities the runner was driven in.  In 39 of the 110 remaining opportunities the runner was moved up to third base.

I’ll keep an eye on this stuff and post periodic updates throughout the season.

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