Series Preview in Blog: Seattle Mariners

The Twins (13-16) take on the Mariners (15-14) at home this weekend.  Seattle has lost their last four games and fallen out of first place in the AL West.  They currently sit one half game behind Texas.  The Mariners are 8-7 on the road thus far this season, while the Twins are 9-8 at home.

The latest losing streak aside, this is a team that not many expected to be this close to first place at any point past the first week of the season.  The fans have been pleased with the moderate success so far.  Some express that pleasure via a short ecstatic blog post, and some feel compelled to shout their love of Mariners’ players from the proverbial mountain top.

I think most Mariners fans still love Ken Griffey, Jr. as well, maybe not for what he’s bringing to the table so far this year, but over his career as a whole.  Despite his struggles (and some injuries – inflamed colon? ouch.) he seems to be really enjoying himself in Seattle this time around.  Across the outfield, Franklin Gutierrez is probably enjoying himself too, as he is on pace for a career year at the plate while playing stellar outfield defense.


Baker v. C. Jakubauskas

Can Baker change his name to Jeremy for a day?

Liriano v. F. Hernandez

Is it a requirement that every time the Twins and Mariners play, that these two face each other?

Blackburn v. E. Bedard

Was it a bad idea to set up a question theme with the first two matchups when I couldn’t think of one for the third?

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