I have returned.  But I don’t have time for much more than that right now.

I see that Bruno got stoned and forgot to post anything whilst I was away except for that garbled introductory post.  Good work, kitty.  I expected about as much.

On the exciting news front, we have purchased a home in Kansas!  So when we move (July?) we’ll have a roof over our heads.


Bruno says he’s already packed.  He’s a strange cat.

We’ll have a KC series preview and a music post on Friday, but I won’t promise anything until then.

4 thoughts on “Success

    • We had to spend an evening in the basement of the real estate office due to tornado warnings, so we got the ‘real Kansas experience’.

    • While we were out there, I had to try to explain “Rock, Chalk, Jayhawk” to my dad. Then I realized I didn’t know what any of those words signified – so I just went with “That’s a KU cheer”. Lame.

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