Relegation Watch

It’s been awhile since I posted anything about soccer, so here’s a quick update.

Sunderland defeated Hull City on Saturday to gain three points in the standings and pull themselves four points clear of the relegation line (helped by the Newcastle loss and the Middlesbrough draw).  Currently the bottom of the Premier League standings look like this (all teams have played 33 matches):

Sunderland – 9 wins, 8 draws – 35 points (-12 goal differential)
Hull City – 8 wins, 10 draws – 34 points (-20 goal differential)
Blackburn – 8 wins, 10 draws – 34 points (-20 goal differential)
——————Relegation Line——————————–
Middlesbrough – 7 wins, 10 draws – 31 points (-22 goal differential)
Newcastle – 6 wins, 12 draws – 30 points (-16 goal differential)
West Bromwich – 6 wins 7 draws – 25 points (-33 goal differential)

Schedule for the remaining matches –

Sunderland – West Brom. / Everton / Bolton / Portsmouth / Chelsea

Hull City – Liverpool / Aston Villa / Stoke City / Bolton / Manchester Utd.

Blackburn – Wigan / Manchester City / Portsmouth / Chelsea / West Brom.

Middlesbrough -Arsenal / Manchester Utd. / Newcastle / Aston Villa / West Ham

Newcastle – Portsmouth / Liverpool / Middlesbrough / Fulham / Aston Villa

West Bromwich – Sunderland / Tottenham Hotspur / Wigan / Liverpool / Blackburn

If the Black Cats can get two wins (6 points) out of those five (probably West Bromwich and Bolton or Portsmouth) I have to figure they will be safe.  That would force Hull City, Middlesbrough, and Newcastle all to get a win against a top-5 club (Liverpool, Aston Villa, Man U, Arsenal, Chelsea) to pass them, which is about as unlikely as it gets.  Of course if Sunderland only gets 3 or 4 points it becomes a little bit easier to fall below that line.

3 thoughts on “Relegation Watch

  1. I watched a big chunk of the West Brom/Man City match this weekend (Fox Soccer Channel). West Brom put up a heck of a fight to come back from 2-0 to tie the game, only to give up an iffy penalty in the box, leading to a penalty shot. Man City scored again late to win it 4-2. But a hell of an entertaining match.

    • West Brom isn’t a terrible team (they’ve managed a respectable number of wins) but I don’t see how they avoid the drop this year.

  2. OK, I did some more work on this, and it appears that if two things happen:

    Sunderland defeats West Bromwich on Saturday AND
    Portsmouth doesn’t lose to Newcastle,

    Sunderland will be safe as long as the top 5 win their remaining matches against the bottom six (a relatively safe bet).

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