Series Preview in Blog: Los Angeles Angels

Is it over? Can I come out now? That Blue Jays series scared me a little bit, I have to be honest. The Twins dropped 3 of 4 to Toronto to fall to 4-7 on the season (and 3-5 at home). They continue the homestand with the LA Angels, who come in at 3-5 (pending last night’s result) having lost their most recent series to Seattle. I should point out that Seattle was 5-0 since leaving Minnesota going into last night, and overall teams the Twins have played are 12-5 (.705) in games against other opponents. So the Twins are doing a little bit better than everyone else, right? I know it’s a reach, but it’s hard to find positives when they haven’t won a series yet this season.

Of course, we can’t talk about the Angels 2009 season without the tragedy that is Nick Adenhart’s death. There are a ton of tributes on all the Angel’s blogs, here’s a couple: Halos Heaven, and John Weisman of Dodger Thoughts.  I don’t know that there’s much I can write about this, so I’ll just say it’s a terrible loss for all the families affected, and my thoughts and prayers remain with them.

The bad start is never easy on fans, but Angels just have to remember WWFPD (What Would Ford Prefect Do?).  Unfortunately for them (and fortunately for us) they will have to go through at least this weekend without Vlad Guerrero, as he is out due to a strained pectoral muscle.  That other outfielder will be there though (Of course I mean Torii Hunter, you haven’t forgot about Torii Hunter have you?)


Blackburn v. D. Moseley

Slowey v. D. Oliver

Perkins v. S. Loux

In a starting rotation that is completely depleted, the Angels will turn to Darren Oliver for a spot start on Saturday, and even he sounds a little bit surprised.  Sunday’s starter for the Angels, Shane Loux, I saw referred to as the “#7 starter”, so the Twins aren’t really catching the back-end of the rotation, they’re catching the guys that didn’t make the back end.

However, if they still can’t score any runs, here’s an option, pull the old four-out play.

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