Friday 10

Quick and dirty random 10, it’s been a busy week, I do have some new music, but I’ll add that next time.

Static X – This Is Not – Machine
Nine Inch Nails – 20 Ghosts III – Ghosts
The Offspring – All Along – Conspiracy of One
… And You Will Know Us By The Trail of Dead – Children of the Hydra’s Teeth – Madonna
Led Zeppelin – In the Evening – In Through the Out Door
Meshuggah – Bleed – obZen
Foo Fighters – Stacked Actors – There is Nothing Left to Lose
The Vines – Get Free – Highly Evolved
The Dust Brothers – Corporate World – Fight Club Soundtrack
R.E.M. – Mr. Richards – Accelerate

That’s the only Vines song on my iPod. And one of two songs by Meshuggah. Had to note those as particularly random selections.


6 thoughts on “Friday 10

  1. 1. Vertigo — U2
    2. That’s Me Trying — William Shatner
    3. In Dreams — Roy Orbison
    4. I Mean You — Thelonious Monk
    5. Jackson — Johnny Cash w/ June Carter
    6. Round Midnight — Thelonious Monk
    7. Hash Pipe — Weezer
    8. Livin’ for You — Al Green
    9. Strange — R.E.M.
    10. C’mere — Interpol

    Bonus: Echos Myron — Guided By Voices

    Hash Pipe, is by far my favorite Weezer song.

    • ‘Hash Pipe’ is good, ‘Jackson’ is good, R.E.M. is good – all in all a Big Mak-approved list this week.

      [because I know you’re dying to know whether I approve of your music, :)]

  2. “Just the Same (live)” from Gentle Giant “Free Hand [35th Anniversary Edition]“
    “Main Titles” from John Barry “The Black Hole soundtrack”
    “Redstone” from Synergy “Metropolitan Suite”
    “Fall of the House of Usher” from Alan Parsons Project “Tales of Mystery and Imagination”
    “Time is Time” from Yes “Magnification
    “Toccota (An Adaptation of Ginastera’s 1st Piano Concerto, 4th Movement” from Emerson, Lake & Palmer “Brain Salad Surgery”
    “Forgotten Memories” from Rick Wakeman “1984″
    “Occam’s Close Shave” from Roger Eno’s “Lost in Translation”
    “Fetch Me the Pongmaster” from Ozric Tentacle’s “Sliding Gliding Worlds”
    “You Found Me” from FFH “Ready to Fly”

    • There’s not a lot that I recognize on that list. Thanks for sharing, I’ll have to listen to some and get back to you.

  3. 1. “Shoot Doris Day” Super Furry Animals – Rings Around the World
    2. “Years From Now” Jackie Wilson – Say You Will
    3. “Tony” Patty Griffin – Flaming Red
    4. “Siesta” Bob Wills – Encore
    5. “What Was it You Wanted” Bob Dylan – Oh, Mercy
    6. “Think For Yourself” The Beatles – Revolver
    7. “Very Sleepy Rivers” Mercury Rev – Yerself Is Steam
    8. “Hope” The Dirty Three – Horse Stories
    9. “Wise Up” Aimee Mann – Magnolia OST
    10. “Boys, The Night Will Bury You” Richard Buckner – Since

    The HB link now works at Bootsy’s. Shatner, huh? Brian will be tickled. ;-)

    • A siesta is what it was I wanted today. You read my mind.

      Thanks for the HB track – I’m still listening to and liking their stuff.

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