Stanley Cup Playoffs

None of the eight teams that made the playoffs in the Western Conference folded, so it’s official now, the Minnesota Wild are not going to be involved.

Here are my picks for the winners of the conferences and the Cup (and yes, I’m aware that Washington is a little weak in the goaltending department).

Eastern Conference

Boston (4), Washington (6), Carolina (5), Philadelphia (7)

Washington (6), Philadelphia (5)

Washington (6) – Conference Champs

Western Conference

San Jose (5), Columbus (7), St. Louis (5), Chicago (7)

San Jose (5), Chicago (5)

Chicago (6) – Conference Champs

Stanley Cup Finals

Washington over Chicago in 6

Since I put in all of 2 minutes thought into these predictions, I’d say I have a pretty good chance at nailing these. Until I checked the scores for Wednesday and found that teams I picked to advance out of the first round went 0-4.  Wow.  I am something special.

3 thoughts on “Stanley Cup Playoffs

  1. Bonus points to anyone who can spot the error in my predictions (in the Eastern Conference).

    That’s the kind of horrible prognostication I’m known for I guess.

    • If Boston, Washington, Philadelphia, and Carolina win in the first round, Washington will play Philadelphia in the second round. Thus they couldn’t meet again in the third round.

      to correct myself –

      2nd round – Wash. over Phil (6)
      Boston over Carolina (5)

      3rd round – Wash. over Bos. (6)

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