Sometimes I Feel Bad For The Guy

You know who I feel bad for? Nick Blackburn when he’s in Chicago.

He pitched pretty well, I thought, but he was let down by the offense, the defense, and the bullpen in this one as the Twins fell to the Chicago White Sox 6-1.

Buehrle was good on Sunday, the only hits the Twins got were a first inning single by Justin Morneau and a Delmon Young homerun (that I didn’t see off the bat because I was focusing the camera on the first baseman, expecting a groundout).  The only other offensive excitement was whether or not Mike Redmond would make it to first on a dropped third strike (he didn’t) and guessing whether or not Carlos Gomez would bunt (he did).

Back to Blackburn.  He didn’t give up a hit until the third, and looked to be working out of his only trouble thus far in the 5th inning when Chris Getz hit a chopper toward Cuddyer at first base.

That play didn’t turn out too well, and suddenly we were tied at one.  The next inninng Punto couldn’t come up with a (difficult) throw to get Carlos Quentin and Jim Thome came up to face a tiring Blackburn (THIS STORY ONLY ENDS ONE WAY).  Conceivably, with a little bit better defense the game would have remained tied.  With a little better offense maybe the Twins would have been ahead.  And while we’re at it, I’d like Johan back on our team and Joe Mauer to be injury free from this day forward.

Blackburn would leave after giving up a leadoff single in the seventh.  But not to worry, Craig Breslow and Jesse Crain were able to work the baserunner around the bases and credit him to Blackburn’s ERA.  At this point, it seemed like the game was essentially over, but Joe Nathan (Mrs. Mak’s favorite player we haven’t gotten to see in action the last few Twins games we’ve attended) came in for the eighth so we stuck around.  Here’s his first pitch to Jermaine Dye:

That one ended up in the seats.  More fun.

I’d like to commend the White Sox fans though.  It was Kid’s Day and they were on their best behavior (only one drunken fistfight in our section the whole game!) and for the most part let us alone.  On the positive side, we got to sit in the sun (a balmy 36 degrees according to the scoreboard)

and watch some live baseball for this first time this season.  And we got to see a real-live Delmon Young homerun!  Now if we could just see the Twins win in this park, I’d consider my work here in Chicago done.

2 thoughts on “Sometimes I Feel Bad For The Guy

  1. Now if we could just see the Twins win in this park, I’d consider my work here in Chicago done.

    Good stuff, BM. (Your new banner photo is sweet, too.)

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