Series Preview in Blog: Chicago White Sox

The White Sox hosted the Royals in some pretty cold conditions this week.  The opener was pushed back a day due to snow (headline writers had a field day).  Other than a three-run homer by Jim Thome, the White Sox bats were just as cold.  They lost 2 of 3 in the series and are currently one game behind the first-place Kansas City Royals.  Jermaine Dye had a good series with 5 singles, but if you discount Dye and Thome the Sox went 10 for 68 in the series (that’s like Twins-without-RISP bad).  Not the best results out of the box for a lineup that might contain too many hitters of a certain variety.  The Jim Thome homerun off of Kyle Farnsworth, in addition to salvaging Opening Day for the Sox, was tailor-made for a hilarious episode of The Dugout.  THIS STORY ONLY ENDS ONE WAY.

The White Sox have a few young players (Ramirez, Floyd, Danks) trying to follow up on good years last year.  No one would confuse this year’s edition of the White Sox for a team in the midst of a youth movement, and player development hasn’t really been one of the organization’s strengths, so it’s interesting to read about some prospects that have caught Sox fans interest.

I live in Chicago (and I’m going to Sunday’s game – it’s my way of celebrating Easter.  Here’s hoping the only eggs I find are put up on the scoreboard by Balckburn, am I right?) and I’ve really grown awfully tired of Sox and Cubs fans both.  And if they ever start discussing one another, forget it.  It’s good to know that I’m not alone.  At least occasionally Sox fans direct their dislikes in amusing directions (I link to that only for the title – it made me chuckle).


Dickey v. J. Contreras

Liriano v. B. Colon

Blackburn v. M. Buehrle

I just don’t like facing Buehrle.  Of course he’s pitching the game I’m going to, but what can I do?  If the weather is cold, at least we won’t be out in the elements for very long with his quick pace.  Buehrle had some stiffness in his arm during the spring, which may be a sign of him not being as young anymore.  The White Sox seem to think so as they made a point of suggesting Mark try some of this new-fangled “working out” thing in the offseason.

Contreras and Colon spent the spring in a “battle” for the fourth starter position.  The long and short of it is that neither of them inspire confidence.  It would seem they’re both nearing the end of their careers.  Perhaps the front office felt obligated to fill the AL Central quota for veteran starters?  With the Twins throwing everything out of alignment and not doing their usual part, they were probably just confused.

From the White Sox Opening Day, this is the correct way to “throw” out an opening pitch.  Hockey players rule! (I wonder if Beloit will let me do that when I get to throw out my own first pitch?)

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