All The Children Are Grinding Their Jaws

New Music

Decemberists – The Hazards of Love – A co-worker got this album, and I listened to the concert on the NPR live concert podcast (thanks to freealonzo for pointing that music resource out).  I liked it, but after spending a couple of weeks with it, I think this will be one of those albums that stays in the back of my collection.  This album is definitely a step outside my normal listening routine, so I don’t have a lot of similar music to compare to in my experience,  but the second half was stronger than the first half, and overall there weren’t enough strong songs for me to keep coming back to it.

Random Ten Songs

The Offspring – Bad Habit – Smash
Nirvana – Negative Creep – From the Muddy Banks of the Wishkah
System of a Down – Revenga – Mezmerize
Rolling Stones – Shine A Light – Exile on Main Street
Korn – Daddy – Korn
Dredg – Sanzen – El Cielo
Mars Volta – Vade Mecum – Frances the Mute
Meat Puppets – 100 Percent of Nothing – II (bonus track)
Nine Inch Nails – Down In It – Pretty Hate Machine
Soul Asylum – String of Pearls – Let Your Dim Light Shine

Smash was my first CD.  I must have heard that song thousands of times.

Pretty dark start to the list – Bad, Negative, Creep, Revenge. Of course, I could keep going on that theme for a non-random depressing ten.

Atomship – Withered
Soul Asylum – Misery
Alice in Chains – Angry Chair
NIN – Hurt
Green Day – Panic Song
Fiona Apple – Criminal
Nirvana – Downer
Deftones – Deathblow
Radiohead – Paranoid Android
AFI – Malleus Maleficarum

Fun Fact – I serenaded my future wife with one of the songs off the second list on the evening I proposed to her (with modified lyrics, of course).

13 thoughts on “All The Children Are Grinding Their Jaws

  1. Fun Fact – I serenaded my future wife with one of the songs off the second list on the evening I proposed to her (with modified lyrics, of course).

    Oh, I know this one! Pick me, Pick me!

  2. 1. Pop Phenomenon — The Push Kings
    2. Pilot Can at the Queer of God — Flaming Lips
    3. I Got You Babe — Sonny and Cher
    4. The Who vs. Porky Pig — Guided By Voices
    5. Fear, Bitterness and Hatred — Young Fresh Fellows
    6. If I Fell — The Beatles
    7. Blame it on Cain — Elvis Costello
    8. At Home He’s a Tourist — Gang of Four
    9. Draglines — Deborah Silverstein
    10. Stranger in the House — Elvis Costello

    Bonus: Man in Black — Johnny Cash.

    Not as heavy as yours but some weird stuff on this list.

    • ‘Fear, Bitterness, and Hatred’ fits right into my second list. The Young Fresh Fellows seem like they can rock a bit.

  3. 1. Cold War Kids – Loyalty to Loyalty: “I’ve Seen Enough”
    2. Our Lady Peace – Happiness Is Not a Fish That You Can Catch: “One Man Army”
    3. Aerosmith – O, Yeah! Ultimate Aerosmith Hits Disc 2: “Falling in Love (Is Hard on the Knees)”
    4. Hellogoodbye – Zombies! Aliens! Vampires! Dinosaurs!: “Oh, It Is Love”
    5. Lit – Atomic: “Drop D”
    6. Our Lady Peace – Clumsy: “Shaking”
    7. No Use for a Name – Hard Rock Bottom: “Friends of the Enemy”
    8. Dierks Bentley – Long Trip Alone: “The Heaven I’m Headed To”
    9. Coldplay – X&Y: “Track 14”
    10. Bowling For Soup – Drunk Enough to Dance: “Life After Lisa”
    11. Bonus Song because it just fits in: Simple Plan – No Pads, No Helmets…Just Balls: “Meet You There”

  4. I caught the Decemberists on Austin City Limits last year. I was intrigued by there sound, but only “Prefect Crime” caught my ear.

    • I thought the ‘rock opera’ or ‘concept album’ really hurt this effort. I could see them writing enough strong songs to make a good album, I just didn’t think this was one of those.

  5. 01. One – Three Dog Night
    02. Texas Flood – Stevie Ray Vaughan
    03. Spirit in the Sky – Norman Greenbaum
    04. Learning to Fly – Pink Floyd
    05. Honky Tonk Woman – The Rolling Stones
    06. At Last – Christine Aguilera
    07. After Midnight – JJ Cale
    08. Highway Song – Blackfoot
    09. Green Grass and High Tides – The Outlaws
    10. Groovin’ – The Rascals

    Bonus Track:
    Chances Are – Bob Seger and Martina McBride

    • I had ‘One’ on a mix tape cassette from my Dad for a long time as a kid. That one, ‘California Dreaming’, and ‘Crimson and Clover’ I must have listened to hundreds of times.

  6. 1. “Sullen Girl” Fiona Apple / Tidal
    2. “I Wish I Was Your Mother” Mott The Hoople / Mott
    3. “Tonight” Sibylle Baier / Colour Green
    4. “Robber Dub” The Clash / Black Market Clash
    5. “Love Hurts” Roy Orbison / The Essential Roy Orbison
    6. “Red Lantern Girls” Vetiver / To Find Me Gone
    7. “Older Guys” Teenage Fanclub / Thirteen
    8. “The Way We Get By” Spoon / Kill The Moonlight
    9. “I Am Goodbye” Bonnie “Prince” Billy / Beware
    10. “Money City Maniacs” Sloan / Navy Blues
    bonus “Help The Aged” Pulp / This Is Hardcore

    • Listened to ‘The Way We Get By’ and ‘I Wish I Was Your Mother’.

      I liked the Spoon song more, actually liked it quite a bit.

  7. Spoon is a great band. They came out of the gate strong and only seem to get better. You should definitely check them out.

    Your injury report at SBG’s (kicked in the taco) really cracked me up. (BTW, it’s the title of a Frank Black (Pixies) song that never fails to bring a smile.)

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