2009 Snappers Roster

With the conclusion of Spring Training this weekend, the rosters for the Twins minor league affiliates have been set. The Beloit Roster is below.

Name Pos ’08 Team Draft
Michael Allen P Beloit 13th Round – 2005
Steven Blevins P Elizabethton 21st Round – 2008
Danny Hernandez P Beloit Non-Drafted FA – 2003
Shooter Hunt P Elizabethton/Beloit 1st Round – 2008
Bobby Lanigan P Elizabethton 3rd Round – 2008
Daniel Osterbrock P Elizabethton 7th Round – 2008
Henry Reyes P Beloit Non-Drafted FA – 2006
Danny Rondon P Elizabethton Non-Drafted FA – 2006
Joe Testa P Gulf Coast/Ft. Myers Non-Drafted FA – 2008
Bradley Tippett P Elizabethton/Beloit Non-Drafted FA – 2006
Daniel Berlind P Elizabethton/Beloit 7th Round – 2007
Alexander Soto C Elizabethton Non-Drafted FA – 2005
Eli Tintor C Ft. Myers 18th Round – 2003
Hank Sanchez 1B Gulf Coast 1st Round – 2005
Jon Waltenbury 1B Elizabethton 7th Round – 2006
Dominic De La Osa 2B Elizabethton 13th Round – 2008
Nathan Hanson 3B Elizabethton 28th Round – 2008
Nicholas Romero 3B Elizabethton 5th Round – 2008
James Beresford SS Elizabethton Non-Drafted FA – 2005
Ramon Santana SS Beloit Non-Drafted FA – 2004
Evan Bigley OF Elizabethton 10th Round – 2008
Michael Harrington OF Elizabethton 13th Round – 2008
Ozzie Lewis OF Beloit 21st Round – 2007
Angel Morales OF Elizabethton 3rd Round – 2007
Adan Severino OF Elizabethton 26th Round – 2008

That’s 15 guys from last year’s Elizabethton team that won their league.

Lots of guys on the disabled list as well.  Those include – Brian Kirwan, Curtis Leavitt, Blake Martin, Michael Tarsi, Thomas Wright, Juan Richardson, Paul Kelly, and Andrew Thompson.

Players taken in last year’s draft – the 1st, 3rd, 5th, 7th, 10th, 13th (2), 21st, 26th, and 28th rounds.

Two first round picks – Shooter Hunt (an exciting prospect) and Hank Sanchez (nearing his last chance in the organization).

I’m most excited to see Shooter Hunt, Angel Morales, and Dan Osterbrock. I’m kind of disappointed that Aaron Hicks isn’t on this roster but I’m sure he’ll be moved up once the weather warms up (much like Revere last year).

3 thoughts on “2009 Snappers Roster

    • Me too, I should note that the Snappers opener is tonight. So far, not so good – they trail 3-0 in the fourth.

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