Dan Auerbach at Metro Chicago

I mentioned on Friday that I was going to the Dan Auerbach concert here in Chicago on Friday night.  I had bought his album the week it came out, and bought tickets to this show shortly after that (about a month ago) so I’ve been looking forward to this for a while.  My brother made it in to town from Fargo.  That’s a solid 10-hour drive, so we were expecting a pretty awesome show.  We weren’t disappointed.  Mr. Auerbach was absolutely awesome.  We got there plenty early, purchased our beard-themed T-shirts and got our spot on the rail of the balcony overlooking the stage.  The venue was sold out, and by the time the featured act hit the stage it was packed.


The entire set list is below, but the highlight for me was “When I Left The Room” (video of this song here).  The drummers (two of them; one from the opening band, Hacienda, and the other Patrick Hallahan of My Morning Jacket) combined to create a thunderous, dark paranoia that fit perfectly with that song.  Nearly every song was great, with Auerbach’s fantastic guitar work lending a bit of a new twist on each song.  They played every song off the album, speeding up “Street Walkin” and giving it a frenetic energy that got everyone going before reining it back in with “When the Night Comes” and “Whispered Words”.  That actually brings me to my only mild complaint about the show.  I would have liked to see some of the acoustic work that is featured on the album.  “Trouble Weighs a Ton” and “Goin’ Home” were beautiful songs featuring only Auerbach on the guitar, but nearly everything else was an all out blues-rock jam.  Like I said, a minor complaint, and it didn’t detract from the concert noticeably, it was something I was looking forward to that I didn’t get to see.  They finished the show out (before coming back for a 2-song encore) with an absolutely devastating cover of “Inside Looking Out”.  Wow, that song was just awesome.  It was my brother’s favorite of the concert, and I can’t say that he’s wrong.


All in all it was a fantastic Friday night, I’m glad I went, and I just hope my ears stop ringing sometime soon.

Set List

1. Trouble Weighs a Ton
2. I Want Some More
3. The Prowl
4. When I Left The Room
5. My Last Mistake
6. Mean Monsoon
7. Oh Carol (cover)
8. Real Desire
9. Money and Trouble (cover)
10. Street Walkin’
11. When The Night Comes
12. Whispered Words
13. Heartbroken, In Disrepair
14. Keep It Hid
15. Inside Looking Out (cover)
16. Goin’ Home
17.  ???

Pictures and videos taken from others who were there as well (polkachamp, Wyatt, and Riley)

Ohio Music Friday

My brother is coming into town tonight, and the two of us are heading out to see Dan Auerbach (of the Black Keys) here in Chicago at Metro.  It’s really cool of him to drive all the way out here, and I’m excited to spend a weekend with him.  Oh, and the concert is going to be awesome too.  Full report sometime next week. Of course Auerbach (and the Black Keys) hail from Akron, OH and make up the first leg of the Ohio fun this Friday.

New Music

Heartless Bastards – All This Time – After the Cincinnati, OH band made an appearance on one of E-6’s random 10 music lists, I checked out a couple of their songs in various places, and I really liked the title track of this one.  I debated buying their newest album, but decided on this one.  So far I like it quite a bit.

Random Ten Songs

The Offspring – Let’s Hear It For Rock Bottom
Mudvayne – Trapped In the Wake Of a Dream
Mars Volta – Cicatriz ESP
Counting Crows – Mercury
Flaming Lips – Vein of Stars
Meat Puppets – Magic Toy Missing
Yo Yo Ma – Suite #3, Courante (J. S. Bach)
Queens of the Stone Age – Song For the Deaf
Led Zeppelin – In My Time of Dying
Yo Yo Ma – Suite #3, Allemande (J. S. Bach)

Blah, that’s a pretty uninspired random 10. Led Zeppelin gets a gold star for best song here.

Two Videos – These are from bands whose concerts I have attended.

Incubus – A Certain Shade Of Green (first concert)

Tool – Sober (best concert)

Halfway Home

… Beatings will continue until morale improves.

Yikes, that Wild/Canucks game was painful to watch. The Wild looked like the second best team out there, and it wasn’t really close.

I didn’t watch the clock, but during the third period (trailing by a goal) there were 5 rushes by the Wild that went like this:

  • Dump the puck in.
  • Vancouver picks it up
  • Vancouver clears the puck without a Wild player even touching it

It was about three minutes without puck possession past the opponent’s blue line. Argh!

0-3 on the road trip, let’s try California and see if that improves the results.


Resigning Backstrom is a great move in my eyes, he’ll keep the Wild competitive in a lot of games over the course of that four-year contract. Hopefully, somewhere along the line the Wild can figure out how to get some even-strength scoring, so their goalies aren’t required to stand on their head to earn victories.

That point “along the line” certainly wasn’t yesterday’s trade deadline. The Wild stood pat, but, I don’t think you can be a buyer with a team this flawed, and if you sell, you’ve seriously damaged a shot at a makeable post-season. Selling might have been the right move with respect to the next two seasons, but it’s just not possible to do so when that 8 seed is still within reach.

It would be great if the Wild could at least win one game on this road trip.

West Coast Death March (2 down, 4 to go)

That really could have started a lot better for the Wild, eh?

oilers1(photo by Andy Devlin)

The Flames and Oilers both beat the Wild in regulation, pushing them out of the playoff picture for now going by standings points.  If you sort by the amount of lost points (in bold, below) the Wild remain precariously perched on the brink of the playoffs.  Unfortunately, the fact that they have games in hand over Anaheim, Columbus, Edmonton, and Nashville only gives them an advantage if they win.

5.  Vancouver (-52)  72 pts
6.  Edmonton (-57) 67 pts
7.  Minnesota (-57) 65 pts
8.  Columbus (-58)  68 pts
9.  Dallas (-59) 65 pts
10.  Nashville (-60) 66 pts
11.  Anaheim (-61) 67 pts

At this point, to break even on the road trip the Wild have to win 3 of 4.  It’s a tall order, but if they want to remain a playoff team, it’s probably what needs to happen.

By the way, I thought this was disturbing.  Go look up the Wild team leader in +/-.  I’ll wait here.

Weird, huh?