The Weekend is Over Already?!

Oops, nothing ready this morning.

Mostly I’m just hiding in shame from my NCAA hockey bracket.  3 for 8 in round 1, 0 for 4 in round 2.  I guess I owe Freealonzo some serious admiration.

Maybe something tomorrow.  Maybe not.  Time will tell

7 thoughts on “The Weekend is Over Already?!

    • I clearly overvalued the WCHA, that’s my Minnesota bias I guess. Congrats to you, sir. I declare you the winner of the first annual Daneeka’s Ghost College Hockey Sweepstakes! (an illustrious title if ever there was one)

    • It does seem like a down year for the WCHA–usually they have 4-5 teams in the top 10 of KRACH, with 2-3 in the top 5, but this year they only have 3 teams in the top 10 and Denver was highest at 6th. Usually going with the WCHA is a good bet. (It does seem like the WCHA has lost a lot of talent to the pros recently, but that’s a highly speculative assertion on my part.)

  1. Hey guys,

    I’m in a 14-person pool and one person had Miami beating Denver (then losing to UMD) and two people had Bemidji winning their first game. One of the participants actually picked Bemidji to win it all–I doubt her reasons had much to do with any insight she had on the strength of their team, though.

    With 14 people in the pool and such a small bracket, I decided to go upset-heavy (it’s pretty much impossible to win by picking favorites in that kind of a pool) and got 3 of 8 in the first round but 2 of 4 in the Frozen Four (BU and Vermont.) I had Northeastern beating BU in the final, though, so even though I’m leading now, I’m screwed if Bemidji or BU wins it all.

    • This was an absolutely crazy weekend of hockey. Upset-heavy is the key. Since I don’t have a horse in this race, I’ll be cheering for Miami University for you.

  2. I’m intrigued. What’s this “hockey” you gentleman speak of? Is that what Europeans call “basketball”?

    Bootsy struck out in his Final Four hoops picks. Zero teams advanced. Nice.

    That said, go MSU!

    • See, if you’d have picked a hockey bracket, you’d have known your bracket was busted on the first day.

      NCAA hockey tournament pools: All the frustration, half the time!

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