Pick Me, Pick Me, Everyone Is Waiting

New Music

…And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead – The Century Of Self – Somehow I’ve managed to acquire a lot of Trail of Dead albums without really trying.  There are some good songs on this one, I like “Bells Of Creation” and “Insatiable” so far.

Because you asked – Groups with the most albums on my iPod

Nine Inch Nails (11), Led Zeppelin (8), Nirvana (8), Offspring (8), Trail of Dead (7), Foo Fighters (7), Tool (6)

Random 10

Mars Volta – Eriatarka (Deloused in the Comatorium)
Nirvana – Big Cheese (Bleach)
Onesidezero – Never Ending (Is This Room Getting Smaller?) – Drum Solo!
Soundgarden – Black Hole Sun (Superunknown)
Rolling Stones – Live With Me (Let It Bleed)
Nirvana – Dive (Incesticide)
Everclear – Heroin Girl (Sparkle and Fade)
Aphex Twin – Lornaderek (Drukqs)
Butthole Surfers – Who Was In My Room Last Night? (Independent Worm Saloon)
Dredg – Brushstroke: Reprise (El Cielo)

If you haven’t ever had Richard James’ parents start singing “Happy Birthday” into an answering machine in the middle of your random 10, let me tell you, it’s a little jarring.

Two Videos

Nirvana – Big Cheese

I figure two weeks in a row with a double-shot of Nirvana warrants a video

Neil Young – Light a Candle

New album, Fork In The Road, comes out one week from Tuesday (4/7)

5 thoughts on “Pick Me, Pick Me, Everyone Is Waiting

  1. If you’re ever playing drums during a “Rock Band” session, pick “Blackhole Sun” The drum bashing right at the beginning of the chorus is so much fun.

  2. I never really liked Black Hole Son. I love everything off of Badmortorfinger.

    1. Bluest Eyes in Texas — Nina Persons
    2. Dust Bowl Blues — Woody Guthrie
    3. I Believe in the Man in the Sky — Elvis Presley
    4. Southern Man — Neil Young
    5. Serve the Servants — Nirvana
    6. Smothered in Hugs — Guided By Voices
    7. Dope Smokin’ Moron — The Replacements
    8. Dying to Try This — Guided By Voices
    9. The Woman with the Tatooed Hands — Atmosphere
    10. Turn Turn Turn — The Byrds

    Bonus: I’m Going to Make You Mine — Shadows of Night

  3. Right, forgot the music bit:

    Shinedown – “Break” Shinedown EP
    50 Cent – “Gotta Make It To Heaven” Get Rich or Die Tryin’
    Patton Oswald – “Here We Go” Werewolves and Lollipops
    Old 97s – “King Of All The World” Satellite Rides
    The Nadas – “Feel Better” Transceiver
    Jay-Z – “IZZO (H.O.V.A.)” The Blueprint
    Dick Prall – “If It Bends” Weightless
    Shinedown – “Trade Yourself In” Us and Them
    The Ramones – “Pinhead” Ramones Mania
    Flogging Molly – “Requiem For A Dying Song” Float

  4. And I never liked Soundgarden, but I did like “Black Hole Sun”.

    1.”See The Sky About To Rain” Neil Young On the Beach
    2.”Starry Eyes” The Records The Records
    3.”Me and Mia” Ted Leo & The Pharmacists Shaking the Sheets
    4.”Shabby Doll” Elvis Costello Imperial Bedroom
    5.”Off Your Face” My Bloody Valentine Glider EP
    6.”Girl From the North Country” Bob Dylan Nashville Skyline
    7.”Shine a Light” Wolf Parade Apologies to the Queen Mary
    8.Pushkin” Palace Days in the Wake
    9.”Romeo Had Juliet” Lou Reed New York
    10.”Vapor Trail” Ride Nowhere
    Bonus “I Wanna Destroy You” The Soft Boys Underwater Moonlight

    BTW, early word on Neil’s new one is not good.

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