Halfway Home

… Beatings will continue until morale improves.

Yikes, that Wild/Canucks game was painful to watch. The Wild looked like the second best team out there, and it wasn’t really close.

I didn’t watch the clock, but during the third period (trailing by a goal) there were 5 rushes by the Wild that went like this:

  • Dump the puck in.
  • Vancouver picks it up
  • Vancouver clears the puck without a Wild player even touching it

It was about three minutes without puck possession past the opponent’s blue line. Argh!

0-3 on the road trip, let’s try California and see if that improves the results.


Resigning Backstrom is a great move in my eyes, he’ll keep the Wild competitive in a lot of games over the course of that four-year contract. Hopefully, somewhere along the line the Wild can figure out how to get some even-strength scoring, so their goalies aren’t required to stand on their head to earn victories.

That point “along the line” certainly wasn’t yesterday’s trade deadline. The Wild stood pat, but, I don’t think you can be a buyer with a team this flawed, and if you sell, you’ve seriously damaged a shot at a makeable post-season. Selling might have been the right move with respect to the next two seasons, but it’s just not possible to do so when that 8 seed is still within reach.

It would be great if the Wild could at least win one game on this road trip.


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