Weekly Music Post

Continuing my recent fascination with music from the 80’s, I bought two new albums this week:

Jane’s Addiction – Nothing’s Shocking

Pixies – Doolittle

So far I like them both, although neither is entirely what I expected.  I guess I always thought of Jane’s Addiction as much more punk than they actually are on this record, so I liked the hard rock of Nothing’s ShockingDoolittle is full of quirky songs, but there are some good ones on there.  I haven’t listened to either album enough to form anything more than a first impression, so other thoughts will have to wait.

Random 10 Songs

Led Zeppelin – Bring It On Home
Korn – Faget
The Offspring – Not the One
Nirvana – Milk It
The Mars Volta – Cassandra Geminni
Dredg – Hungover on a Tuesday
Rage Against the Machine – No Shelter
Audioslave – Out of Exile
Led Zeppelin – Hot Dog
Foo Fighters – Enough Space

A Couple Videos
Buraka Som Sistema – Sound of Kuduro

Embedding disabled, so here’s the link.

Jane’s Addiction – Mountain Song

4 thoughts on “Weekly Music Post

  1. Holy crap that is one rockin’ random top 10. That list would take mine and snap its spine between it’s two fingers.

    I’ve always loved Mountain Song from Nothing’s Shocking. Below is my random top 10

    1. No Easy Way Down — Dusty Springfield
    2. Acid Tongue — Jenny Lewis
    3. Wild World — Cat Stevens
    4. Mexico City Blues 104 — Jack Kerouac
    5. Got You Down — Paul Westerberg
    6. The New World (demo) — X
    7. Imperial Bedroom — Elvis Costello
    8. Free Nelson Mandela — The Special AKA
    9. Nobody But Me — The Human Beinz
    10. Tomorrow Never Knows — The Beatles

    Nice list with a groovy retro vibe going on here.

  2. That’s a cool list. My iPod is pretty rock-heavy, so this is actually a fair representation of the music there.

    I didn’t recognize “Nobody But Me” until I heard it. Good song.

    In my ongoing 80’s education, I think Elvis Costello may be the subject of my next musical investigation.

    Thanks for sharing, free.

  3. The Pixies never made a bad record. Doolittle is great, but Surfer Rosa might be my fave. Weird and noisy, but it rocks.

    With Mr. Costello, I’d start at the beginning. His first 5 records are all really good. After that, his catalog becomes a lot more hit and miss.

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