NHL All-Stars

Nicklas Backstrom is an All-star, Mikko Koivu is not.

Generally, even those outside of Minnesota seem to be including Koivu in their snubs lists, although he’s certainly not the most egregious snub in the Western Conference. Basically it comes down to this. There are 21 spots on the All-Star roster. With 15 teams in the conference guaranteed one spot each, that leaves only 6 spots for teammates. In the west, fan voting resulted in 3 Ducks and 3 Blackhawks, so that took care of 4 of those 6 spots immediately. Thus, the reserves could only include three sets of teammates and Backstrom/Koivu didn’t make the cut (the 2 pairs – Datsyuk/Lidstrom, Boyle/Thornton).

Fan voting probably isn’t going anywhere, so how about a slight modification. The starters are chosen by the fans, but they must come from 6 different teams. This frees up a few more reserve spots and prevents the farce that was the Eastern Conference voting.

Here’s what the starting lineups would look like if that rule were instituted this year (vote totals from Mirtle)

Western Conference Eastern Conference

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