Gaborik Out, Dreary December Affects Marian: Massive Injury Time

Gaborik is having surgery which will most likely end his season. He’s saying 10-14 weeks, but lets look at this guy’s record avoiding setbacks and nagging injuries and say that I would be surprised if he plays again this season. After the season, of course he’s gone for sure as a free agent. Although he probably won’t get the megadeal he was looking for before the season, I bet someone will pay him a decent amount of money. We saw what he could do healthy last year, when he earned (yes, earned) the captaincy at the conclusion of the season and the playoffs. Teams are certainly going to see an opportunity to buy low on him.

Injuries just keep absolutely hamstringing (get it?) the Wild. Last year, the defensive corps was decimated by injuries (Foster and Schultz) and the remainders were worn down (Skoula, Burns, and Johnsson all averaged more than 26.5 minutes per game for the season). Now their ability to salvage anything positive from the Gaborik free agent/contract negotiation debacle has been demolished by another injury.

The loss of the best pure scorer after struggling all month to score at all (Wild is 26th in the NHL in scoring) leads to the frustrating place that Wild fans are currently occupying.

On a related note, I’m going to Buffalo Wild Wings to catch the Wild-Red Wings game tomorrow with my co-worker from Detroit. At least there will be an NFL playoff game on, so I can nonchalantly turn the conversation to football if necessary.

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