Arbitration and Contract Trivia

Yesterday was the deadline to offer contracts to arbitration-eligible players.  The Twins offered contracts to everyone on the roster who fit that description.  That’s not as impressive as it sounds, because it means only  Jason Kubel and Matt Guerrier were offered contracts.  No word on whether Bill Smith called Liriano’s agent to gently remind him that his client didn’t quite qualify for arbitration yet, but he was that close.

Anyway, due to a clerical error (my own), I was under the impression that Scott Baker would be eligible this off-season.  He’s not, but I got sucked into messing about over at Cot’s Contracts, looking at all the incentives and options and such that go into big league contracts.  That led to a strange discovery I have decided I will now share with you in the form of a trivia question.

Can you name the two players currently on the Twins payroll with bonuses in place for winning a Silver Slugger award? (my answer is according to Cot’s Contracts, but no peeking!)

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