Back to Beloit

For my wife’s birthday, she decided she wanted to go to a ballgame with a couple of friends (How did I get so lucky?). So once again we drove up to Wisconsin to see the Snappers take on the Wisconsin Timber Rattlers (Seattle Mariners A affiliate).

The Snappers roster this time around looks quite a bit different right now than it has all year. There were a few promotions during since the All-Star break and Beloit has been recently hit by more than their share of injuries. Joooooooooooooooe Benson (back), Deibinson Romero (leg), and Chris Parmelee (wrist, pictured below forlornly coaching first) are all out for the year.

Jair Fernandez is also out for some time with a cast on his right arm. That didn’t stop him from warming up the pitcher when the catcher (Greg Yersich) wasn’t ready to go. Of course, since the cast was on his throwing hand, warming up the pitcher became a three-man operation (pitcher, catcher, ball return guy). Then in the top of the ninth inning the third out came on a strikeout and the batter’s follow through caught Yersich on the back of the head with his bat and drew a fair amount of blood. Add to that Ozzie Lewis did not play Sunday and was placed on the DL on Monday, and clearly this team a little snakebit right now.

Wisconsin Timber Rattlers – 8, Beloit Snappers – 4
box score | play by play

As for the game itself, it was kind of a disappointment. I don’t know if the lineup had too many new guys, but the defense was not very good behind Michael Tarsi. Outfielders consistently threw to the wrong base allowing at least three runners to take an extra 90 feet, infielders checked runners for so long that they didn’t throw out the guy at first, and they made three errors. Tarsi didn’t help out much, he gave up some solid hits, was pretty wild all afternoon (1 walk but a lot of 3 ball counts), and one run scored on a wild pitch. It added up to a lot of pitches in 4.1 IP, probably around 80 to 90, and he left with the Snappers down 7-1.

The Snappers managed to keep the game interesting however, they drew 7 walks to add to their 7 hits and 1 HBP, so there were scads of baserunners. Unfortunately, the hits were all singles after Ben Revere’s 1st inning triple, so it was a lot of running around the bases, but not as much scoring as one would like to see with 15 baserunners.

Besides Revere’s triple, Mark Dolenc got on base 3 times (hit, walk, HBP), stole his 23rd base, and scored 2 runs. One of them was on this sac fly by Yersich, I thought I had the CF in frame, and if I had, I think this would have been the best pic I’ve taken at these games. He’s still back there, it just isn’t quite the perfect shot.

Estarlin De Los Santos got two singles and an RBI, otherwise not too many notes on the Beloit offense. Michael Allen did a great job in relief, posting 3.2 scoreless innings in his 3rd appearance with the Snappers. The weather was great and the company was top notch, so I’m not going to complain about anything so silly as the score, but this was a team that was missing a few key players, and it showed.

Other pics:

Michael Tarsi Pitching Pitching Fielding Fuming
Snappy D. Turtle Dancing
Michael Allen Pitching
Ben Revere Batting Batting Running
Estarlin De Los Santos Batting Batting Batting
Jeanfred Brito Batting Batting Batting
Mark Dolenc Running Running
Juan Richardson Batting Batting
Yangervis Solarte Batting Batting Batting Batting Running
Home Plate Umpire Sweating

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