Spring Training in Blog: Part III

Even though I’m still reeling from having my mind blown upon reading the solution to one of the great mysteries of our time, I will still soldier on to provide you with some interesting/amusing/inane links.

So, if you don’t have plans to go try out for the team and experience spring training up close, follow along and we’ll do the next best thing.

Now we’re starting to get to the point where people are starting to try to assess how the teams are shaping up. Their isn’t a lot of information to be had, so the ideal form is something quick and snappy, (say about 3 lines and about 17 syllables). The whole AL Central division gets the haiku treatment from Babes Love Baseball (Twins, Indians, White Sox, Royals, Tigers). If its good enough for Joe Posnanski, then I guess everyone loves a good preview in haiku, right? I guess not.

There’s still only been a few games played, so reckless extrapolation is still a dangerous game to play, lest you let your expectations get too high. It can be pretty easy to read too much into just a few at-bats or innings pitched, but mostly you just need to learn to laugh at yourself. If he can laugh after giving up 3 straight homers, I’d say Kevin Gregg is doing just fine at keeping an even keel. Of course, even if the games don’t mean anything, it’s never too early to start getting some bad blood boiling.

Spring Training marches on, pretty soon we’ll have cuts and demotions to analyze and deconstruct. Lineups will begin to set themselves up, in the optimal fashion, or perhaps less than that. Either way, we can always rely on Encyclopedia Sabermetric Brown, to help us sort it all out.

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