Why I’m Afraid of the Dark

This one was inspired by fear. I’ve had this idea in my head for a while, so it felt pretty good to set it down and work on it a bit. I initially had it set up as a juxtaposition of the woods in the day and at night, but I pared it down to its current form.

Why I’m Afraid of the Dark (@ Scrawlers)

I went there at night only once.

I needed an escape and my clearing in the woods promised some respite. I lay on my back with the black sky above me and found the night unexpectedly thick with silence. My mind raced to find something to fill the emptiness. When I was younger, I would imagine creatures or madmen in the darkness. Now I couldn’t even summon those childish frights. Without the familiar stimuli of the daytime, I was lost in an overwhelming darkness.

I’m not sure I will ever find my way back.

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