Series Preview in Blog: Detroit Tigers (Round 2)

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Well you’ve all been very patient, and, since you’ve been so well behaved, I’ll make good on my promise to you from last time. Here’s one of the many hilarious hijinks that ensue when a Twins fan and a Tigers fan share the same office. The baseball season had just started, and I was feeling the need to remind our poor misguided Tigers supporter that he had lost, in spectacular fashion, the friendly wager we had agreed to the previous year. When he stepped out of the office for a moment early one morning, I siezed the opportunity to change his desktop wallpaper to the following image:

Now, I have to take a moment to explain how the email system works for our offices. There are the standard person to person emails, but also the “list-serve” emails that go out to the whole group. When one sends an email to the “list-serve”, all subsequent replies to this email are also sent out to the whole group via the same mechanism. No doubt, many of you can see where this is going. Our erstwhile Tigers fan returned to his desk to find his desktop altered and he was so enraged that he sent an email intended for me that contained only two words, the first of which I won’t repeat here, the second of which was ‘you’. Of course he had replied to an email that I had sent the entire group, and so when everyone (including our boss) came into work that morning, they had a little bit of a surprise waiting for them in their inbox. Fortunately, the Michiganite realized his mistake immediately and sent a preemptive apology shortly after the initial email. Since there were no serious consequences of this (other than a reprimand from the boss) I have to say that this caper worked out almost as well as I could have possibly hoped.

At least my co-worker’s email was spelled correctly (from Lookout Landing)

After this series, the Twins don’t play Detroit again until the end of June, so I’ll have to instigate something else by then so I can relay it on to you all.

Minnesota Twins (17-17) v. Detroit Tigers (21-12)

The Tigers come to the Metrodome having won 9 of their last 10, including an eight game winning streak that started with Brandon Inge’s walkoff HR versus Jesse Crain and was snapped on Wednesday. That stretch included sweeps of the Orioles and Royals as well as their series victory over Seattle earlier this week. The Twins have not been as hot recently, losing their last three series to the Devil Rays and the Sox of both colors. Detroit currently holds a half-game lead over Cleveland in the AL Central while the Twins are 4.5 back in fourth place. It would be great to see the Twins scratch out some victories here and stay close to the top in the division. The Tigers are 11-5 on the road, and have won 4 straight outside of Michigan. The Twins are 9-11 at home and need a sweep here to get above .500 at the Dome before their 9-game road trip begins on Tuesday.

On to the Bengals:

First off, there’s been a lot of discussion of Joel Zumaya due to his upcoming lengthy stint on the disabled list. Not that he asked, but I would suggest he use that free time brushing up on his thespian skills.

Everyone weighed in on the Zumaya injury. First of all, Zumaya hasn’t pitched that well thus far this year, so the impact is less than it might have been at some other point in time. Of course, this reminds everyone of Zumaya’s injury last year, supposedly caused by the video game “Guitar Hero”. It seems unlikely that he made the same mistake twice, but there are other video game options out there. Here’s a rundown of who will be taking his spot in the bullpen while he’s out. For the coolest illustrations of what possible injuries, this is the place to go.

The last link in that paragraph is to Roar of the Tigers, which has some of the best graphics that accompany each entry, I couldn’t decide on one to add to this post, so make sure you check some of them out. There is also a photojournal of Roar of the Tigers operator Samara spending the day at Comerica Park watching the Twins and Tigers in their series finale earlier this season. (included is a pretty good picture of Torii’s fat lip)

Here is a rundown of the entire Tigers team after 30 games. First the pitchers, then the hitters. If you’re wondering who the “Black Hole of Suck” is, it’s this guy. Curtis Granderson got good reviews in that article, and some Tiger’s fans are beginning to compare him to other elite center fielders in the AL Central. Also hitting well thus far is Magglio Ordonez, who apparently isn’t the superstitious type. After a monster April with his long flowing locks growing ever more untamable, he cut his hair last week. This was a big enough news event to occasion some comment and even made it into this illustrious compendium of baseball writing (no doubt a highlight for Mags).

“Pudge Rodriguez is one of the most touchy-feely catchers in the majors. More than anyone playing today, when he goes out to the mound, he’s likely to be grabbin’ at his pitchers. And because he’s Pudge and he’s been in the league for 60 years, he does it right.”
-Samara Pearlstein @ Roar of the Tigers

Even disregarding his pitcher handling (get it?) prowess, there isn’t really a capable backup for Pudge right now (Mike Rabelo has little to no bat). What will the Tigers do when Pudge is gone? Right now it doesn’t look so good in the farm system.

The Twins will face Mike Maroth, who equaled Santana last time they met, Chad Durbin, and Jeremy Bonderman, who has been suffering from Brad Radke disease thus far this season (Opponents are hitting .424/.441/.697 in the first inning).

Speaking of the first inning, the Tigers are saving their excitement for either very early or very late in games. They are scoring more in the first and ninth than they did last year, and giving up more runs in the first and ninth as well. So if the Twins can just get through that first inning (right, Mr. Ortiz?) they should be alright.

Finally, here’s one blogger’s attempt to equate the Detroit Tigers roster with the characters of Homestar Runner. If you’re not familiar with Homestar Runner (in which case, I’m with you) here’s a reference, so now you can appreciate the jokes.

2 thoughts on “Series Preview in Blog: Detroit Tigers (Round 2)

  1. Thanks for the update, Kurt.

    I can’t say I’m sorry to miss Bonderman this time around. Vasquez gets to make his debut on national TV Sunday night. I’d expect some serious butterflies.

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