Series Preview in Blog: Chicago White Sox (Round 2)

Minnesota Twins (16-15) v. Chicago White Sox (14-14)

The Twins in the last week have struggled, losing two consecutive series, first in Tampa, then at home to the Red Sox. The White Sox lost five in a row before winning their last two games in Anaheim. Currently, the Twins and White Sox sit third and fourth in the AL Central, 4 and 4.5 games back of Cleveland respectively. The Twins are 8-9 at home so far this year, while the Sox are 9-7 on the road.

words to live by

I came across this roundtable discussion of what the Twins should do with Torii Hunter that involved everybody from a Twins fan to a Sox fan to a bunch of AL bloggers. Check it out to get some others perspectives on our perennial Gold Glove winner.

On to the South Siders:

This is not for the weak of heart, I’m not even sure I should even passing this along, but Hawk Harrelson has a blog. Does this qualify as a sign of the apocalypse?

We’ll start off by revisiting one of the stories from last time. In April, people weren’t exactly sold on the Darin Erstad signing. Palehose 7 still hasn’t let up, lots of skewering going on there.

The White Sox may have had one too many outfielders to begin the season, and Brian Anderson found himself to be the odd man out as he was sent to AAA Charlotte. His demotion didn’t catch too many people by surprise. Considering Anderson’s struggles last year to get comfortable, some people in the blogosphere feel like he’s not getting a fair chance to prove himself in the major leagues. Here’s a roundup of his past and future with the White Sox.

The Sox haven’t had a successful season thus far, mostly due to their lack of offense. The hitting coach is starting to take some heat. In fact, nearly every Sox blog I visited had at least one entry about the hitting coach and the offensive struggles.

The Twins beat John Danks in his debut back in April. He’s had some quality outings but fans are wondering whether their looking at a youngster finding his groove, or an overrated prospect. Other pitching notes include the struggles of Matt Thornton, and one bloggers plea for John Garland’s consideration for a Gold Glove.

This has been pointed out before, but Palehose 7 hits the nail on the head with this strip.

And, finally, if you ever needed proof that AJ loves to get booed, he spells it out for you.