Series Preview in Blog: Detroit Tigers

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Hypothetically, let’s say I have a co-worker from Michigan who is a Tiger’s fan. And let’s say that in March of 2006 he offered a small wager that the Tigers would finish with a better record than the Twins. If he had offered that, I would have accepted without batting an eye (easiest $5 I could have made, right?). Imagine that, and then imagine the cocky overconfidence that surely would have taken over this co-worker in June, followed by the disbelief when the Tigers were swept by the KC Royals on the last weekend of the season. If this wager had happened, I would still keep the note that accompanied my theoretical $5 (“Here’s your money, go to hell”) on my desk at work. For the next Tigers series, remind me and I’ll tell you how this same co-worker accidentally sent a profane email to our whole office because of the Tigers/Twins rivalry…

Minnesota Twins (12-10) @ Detroit Tigers (12-9)

More AL Central madness on tap this weekend with the Twins first series this season against the Detroit Tigers. Minnesota snapped their four game losing streak by scratching out a 1-0 win in 11 innings over Kansas City yesterday. Detroit returns home after a road trip consisting of a two game split with Anaheim and a win over Chicago before being rained out yesterday afternoon. The Tigers are 4-4 at home thus far this season, while the Twins are 5-3 on the road.

Since this series takes place in Detroit, all the Tigers’ hitters will come to the plate with their own entrance music playing. A full recap and rating of the starting nine’s musical stylings is provided by Mickey Tettleton Memorial Overpass.

I don’t think he meant to, but this guy is clearly mocking the Twins offensive struggles.

There are a couple of Tigers with their own blogs. Curtis Granderson has a blog at ESPN, and he’s done an excellent job thus far, discussing life on the road as well as his own perspective on the Jackie Robinson anniversary. I enjoyed almost all of his entries, and recommend you give them a read. Nate Robertson blogs for and he’s dicussed several topics, including changes in his facial hair.

A turn through the lineup consists of an outfield of Monroe, Granderson, and Ordonez. Gary Sheffield starts most games as the DH, but was given a spot on the all star ballot as a Tigers outfielder. This meant Granderson could not be fit onto the ballot, which seems unfair, given the start he’s off to. Sheffield, on the other hand has struggled early in the season, but you have to think he’ll come around. Brandon Inge starts at third, and he has had an atrocious start to the season. In fact, he may be the only third baseman in the league with a lower batting average than Nick Punto. He’s not the only infielder who’s struggled, Sean Casey is also off to a terrible start, but even then no one deserves this. Carlos Guillen, who may be playing hurt, and Placido Polanco, whose been the most consistent hitter thus far, round out the infield. Ivan Rodriguez remains behind the plate for Detroit.

We won’t see Jeremy Bonderman this series, but he’s had five starts this season without a decision. The first four starts this worked against him, as he pitched extremely well with nothing to show for it. Last time out, however, it took quite the comeback in order to get him off the hook. Even if he felt he deserved the loss, he’s still stuck at 0-0.

The Twins will see Nate Robertson, Justin Verlander, and Mike Maroth as the three starters this weekend. In their last starts these three combined to walk 12 batters in 18 innings. Hopefully the Twins will learn a little patience and exploit that this weekend.

The bullpen has Jason Grilli and Fernando Rodney, with Wilfredo Ledezma and Bobby Seay as lefties, and Todd Jones as the closer. Rodney has had a rough go of it so far this year, collecting 4 losses and allowing a run in five of his nine appearances. Last but not least is fireballer Joel Zumaya, who is the subject of this unconventional scouting report.

Finally, even in the internet world it’s possible to suffer from foot-in-mouth syndrome. Read the entry, then the disclaimer at the end. Whoops.


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