Twins 7, O’s 4

It’s all my fault. It was the top of the fourth, when I realized that it was time to medicate my cat. No, that’s not a euphemism for anything; my cat, Bruno, has a scratched cornea and he requires eye drops once or twice a day. I don’t know if anyone else has ever tried to administer eye drops to a squirming cat, but I recommend it if you ever have a dull evening. Anyway, my attention was distracted from the baseball at hand whilst I chased Bruno around the apartment and by the time I looked up, the lead had evaporated. So, again, mea culpa.

However, the rest of the game was very nicely played by Minnesota. The clean up guys cleaned up (Morneau, Hunter – 2 HR 4 RBI), Mauer got on base (1-3, BB), The small guys at the top and bottom ran all over the place (Tyner, Castillo, Punto (4 H, 3 R).

A couple of notes:

— Win for Santana, Save for Nathan, the first of many times I will write that this season

— Morneau gets 3 hits against an above average left-handed starter. I like it a lot.

— The bullpen looked great tonight (+points to Reyes, Crain, Rincon, and Nathan)

— Cuddyer fouled off a lot of pitches, battling? or just not quite clicking?

— I’m not even slightly concerned about Santana (9.0 K/9, he’s fooling people)

Most importantly, Monday represented the debut of the Jersey of Fortune which shall be worn by me whenever I feel it’s appropriate:

Twins record with the Jersey of Fortune: 1-0
Torii Hunter with the Jersey of Fortune: .500/.500/1.500, 1 HR 2 RBI

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